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Hand Made Solid Cypress Boat Paddles

Now that you have your new wooden boat built and finished, how do you get from the dock to your fishin' hole (or retrieve your hat after a stiff gust)?  You need a hand made paddle! 

What better accessory for your newly completed wooden boat than a handmade, solid cypress paddle?  Now we don't waste time around here with overly fancy show boats, and the same holds true for our paddles.  Forget about laminated strips, our Gator Tails are carved out of a single plank of swamp cypress, they're handmade, so they have a little variation, not like those store brands imported from China that delaminate after a few months and a couple of whacks at your brother-in-law.  Best of all, it's pure Cypress, so even after years of wear, it's not going to rot out on you. 

We will send your paddle unfinished so that you can match it to your boat, or we will finish it for you with marine poly for no extra charge, but once it's coated, you can't alter the color with stain.

So let old Cajun Bob make you a paddle, he'll even hand-stamp it for you...but hurry, Bob isn't getting any younger and we don't know how long we can keep him at the workbench!


Lengths:  39" or  60"

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"Gator Tails' Solid Cypress Boat Paddles Available in 39" or  60" sizes
"Gator Tails' Solid Cypress Boat Paddles Paddles are stamped and ready for finishing to match your boat...or we'll put a poly finish on it for you, just let us know on the order form which you prefer.
"Gator Tails' Solid Cypress Boat Paddles Our torture-testers approve. 
The 39" paddles shown here are a perfect size for kids, or for use with our Piro and Gator sneak models.
"Gator Tails' Solid Cypress Boat Paddles Pick your size, or get one of each!
"Gator Tails' Solid Cypress Boat Paddles A couple of paddles with a custom finish to match a boat.

Gator Tail Paddle
:  $25 each, or 2 for $40
(includes US us for international rates)

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