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Welcome to Gator Boat Co.  We specialize in easy to follow plans for traditional Southeastern US small craft.  From Sneak boats and Pirogues, to Skiffs and Strip boats, we want to help you build your new boat!

We're unique in the fact that we design by prototype, not drafting board.  Because of this, all of our plans include specific step by step instructions of the building process, not just a blueprint with a table of numbers that you must interpret.  In other words, you do not have to "loft" our plans nor do you have to have any knowledge of boatbuilding at all...each set of plans is also a beginners course in boatbuilding.  All plans include a complete materials list and simple illustrations with dimensions.

If you're new to boatbuilding, don't get stuck with a set of technical blueprints that you don't know how to interpret.  Just order a set of plans from Gator Boat Co. and we'll show you how to do it the easy way!

We currently offer 8 models:

Gator - Our original 1-man sneakboat.
Big Mamma - 2 man flat-bottom johnboat, heavy-duty use.
Croc - 1 or 2 man utility boat.
Dragonfly - 2 man flat-bottom lightweight johnboat, intended for still water use.
Pirogue - Traditional styled cajun canoe, can also be built as a skiff.
Darkwater Skiff - Traditional "Carolina Style" coastal skiff, commercial duty.
Bullfrog - 1 man Cedar/Cypress strip sneakboat.
Duckhunter - 2+ man decked marshboat.

...and solid cypress paddles:  Click Here!

Take a Look at Our 'Gator Tail' Cypress Paddles!!
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